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November At The Walt Disney Family Museum

November has arrived, and with it the chilly weather, football, and regret at too much Halloween candy eaten. It also means it’s time to celebrate the birthday of ol’ Topolino himself, Mickey Mouse, who turns 82 this year. Hard to believe, really.

Anyway, this auspicious birthday means a month of programming at the Walt Disney […]


One of the more amusing yet tragic moments of the recent Destination D event in California came after a presentation of Disneyland history which featured video clips of television specials and park events of years past. Many of these pieces of history were definitely “of an era,” often embarrassingly so. One thing has become clear, […]

The Taming Of The Mouse

“Wouldn’t you rather have your child watching cartoons than… than reading Elinor Glyn?” “What Elinor Glyn reads is her mother’s business!”

One thing that many Disney fans have long groused about, and something that I’ve talked about here, is the process by which Mickey Mouse has been transformed over the years from a funny and […]


The Mouse turned eighty-one today, by the Disney company’s reckoning that sets his birthday at November 18th, 1928. Mickey’s so ubiquitous in our culture that it’s hard to imagine a time when nobody knew his name, but with this as in many things it’s fun to look at the calm before the storm – when […]