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The Only Coaster I Want In World Showcase…

Two snaps and a sarape

I’m not sure when this seriously awesome coaster dates to, but it has to be pretty close to 1982. Not only does it use the original Mexico pavilion logotype, but it uses the fairly rare World Showcase typeface as well.

Also, I love Donald’s jaunty snaps.

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Run For The Border, 1983

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Tables For Two

There’s been some rumbling recently about upcoming projects in EPCOT that, while so far unannounced and unheralded, will mark a fairly significant change in the visual and epicurean landscape of World Showcase.

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Hola, Mis Amigos…

Things might be slightly quieter around here than last week, as I’m busy with couple of upcoming projects that, as always, tend to grow exponentially in scope. As a tasty preview I thought I’d share this rendering, from circa 1976, depicting a concept for the entrance to the Mexico pavilion in World Showcase.

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