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Back to Basics

It is, perhaps, reasonable to assume the nature of anything internet-related – or especially blog-related – to be ephemeral. Here, one would typically cite the percentage of blogs that never make it past their first post (I’ll let you Google that yourself). Some online writers sign off when they’re planning to take a break, […]

The only source of energy that will never run out…

Greetings, all. I hope everyone had a good holiday season and are having an adequate new year so far. Pickings have obviously been sparse around here recently, but we look forward to gearing back up fairly soon. Despite the fact that most of the news from Orlando is gloomy and uninteresting of late, I […]


If you’re reading this from the United States, get out and vote today. No excuses. If you haven’t already, hit the polls. The future that Progress City represents depends on visionary leadership, hope, and big ideas to create a greater society for us all. But none of that happens if we don’t take a […]

Now Featuring: Navelgazing!

In preparation for an impending post, I’d first like to have a brief discussion of the policy concerning rumor-mongering here at Progress City. This is something I’ve never addressed before but feel that it’s important as I’m always irritated when rumor dissemination is accompanied by coy allusions and obtuse hedging on where, exactly, the […]

Once Upon a Time in New York City

Progress City has ground to a standstill over the last several weeks as I’ve traipsed up and down the eastern seaboard on various adventures. The true Disney scholar, however, is never off duty, and I was thankfully able to get my Disneyana fix on several occasions during a week-long stay in New York City.