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Great Moments with Mr. Linkin’

I’ve just managed to get around to doing something that I’ve too long neglected – updating our links page. I’ve also put more links into the sidebar on your right – a small selection of sites that best provide a daily dose of Disney-related news, and another group of my very favorite sites. I picked […]

A Pregnant Pause…

Sorry about going dark since Moochie Madness… I’ve been out of town and will continue to be mostly offline until Sunday. Regular posting will resume next week!

So, discuss amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic: Were Walt suddenly thawed out from his secret underground bunker, what one thing at Walt Disney World do you […]

The Invisible Four-Fingered Hand

Step 1) BlogStep 2) ???Step 3) Profit!

Oh, money. Everybody wants it, nobody has it, and I hate talking about it. I’ve tried to keep commerce as far away from this site as possible – let’s face it, Disney fandom is a minefield of advertising already – and there’s just something about an old-school, sleek […]

Criticising Criticism…

Warning: Unsafe amounts of navelgazing follow. If you go ahead and skip to the next post I won’t be offended.


I realize that there’s been less news and more commentary and history here recently than is usual. Part of this is due to my ever-shifting attention span, but a great deal of it […]

We’re Moving!

For everyone with RSS subscriptions and links – Progress City is moving to a new URL at Please adjust your links and subscriptions accordingly!

UPDATE: OK, it looks like things worked. WordPress is so wacky, and both the old and new directories are both feeding off of the same database, but it looks […]