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Radio Silence

If you’ve noticed it’s been a touch silent lately, you can blame an electrical storm last weekend that knocked out the internet at PCUSAHQ. It might be a few days before service is restored, but keep checking back because there are loads of stories and posts waiting in the wings. I shouldn’t be surprised that […]


Well, we’re back.

After a week in the Vacation Kingdom of the World, and a bit of time away from Progress City (has it really been that long since the last post?), we’re gearing up for the next wave of activity here. I have books to review, DVDs to review, stories to write and […]

Pretty Middle Manager

A couple of days ago, as you might recall, we took a look at Dick Nunis’s bright idea for managerial fashion at Walt Disney World in 1991:


Well, that very day, sharp-eyed Progress Citizen and real-world chum Kate pointed out the following, which nearly killed me. Above you see fashion from Walt Disney World […]

!ATTENTION! Important Notice!

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Oh Disney People,

Why do you look but never speak? I’m ever so pleasant, and need your wisdom to set me straight.

Call me, k? KTHX LOL

Pizza and fairytales, XOXO Michael

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