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Listen, Won’t You?

Martin Smith has posted his latest his latest magnum opus, an epic three-part history of The Land at EPCOT. Starting with the pavilion’s creation, it covers in detail the wonderful original 1982 lineup, the mixed bag 1994 remodel, and the truly unfortunate 2005 facelift. Pop some popcorn and settle in!

Part I – 1982

This […]

You Are Not The First To Pass This Way…

The great Martin Smith pops up again with the latest of his EPCOT tribute videos; this time we get to take a look at Norway – Gateway to Scandinavia, the 11th and (to date) final World Showcase pavilion. Originally slated to be a Denmark pavilion, the concept evolved into a Scandinavian Showcase before being winnowed […]

It’s The Fourth Of July…

And what better way to celebrate than a look at what remains one of Disney’s greatest technological accomplishments, EPCOT’s American Adventure?

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The WEDway’s Back

There’s been a lot of low-level news lately that I’ve neglected to mention, and one of these stories involves my beloved WEDway Peoplemover. The Tomorrowland classic took a brief refurbishment break when Space Mountain went down for its rehab earlier this year, and has recently opened again with some minor changes.

Visually, the lights along […]

Follow Figment to the Image Works

The great and mighty Martin Smith has struck again, this time with a new documentary about the Image Works – the creative playground of the future! This electronic wonderland occupied the upper level of Journey Into Imagination’s glass pyramids from its opening in 1982 until the notorious pavilion overhauls of 1998-99. The attraction featured a […]