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Chronicling Walt Disney World

I think one reason fans of a certain age bristle at the overly-heavy “dreams” and “wishes” slant of modern Disney marketing is that we grew up in a much different age. In the 1980s and before, Disney certainly promoted its “magical” aspects, but it also focused heavily on the real-world wonders behind its films and […]

I Want To Go To There

Occasionally you come across a bit of old video that you don’t even remember directly but it stirs some primeval memory deep within and you just know you’ve seen it – probably a million times – long, long ago. This is one of those videos.

I’m not sure, but I believe this appeared on some […]

Riding the Monorail to EPCOT, 1984

I love the internet. Sure, there are always interesting stories and facts coming to light, but every now and again you see something you never, ever thought you’d see. Or see again, that is.

From YouTube comes this amazing video; it’s a trip from the TTC to EPCOT in the driver’s cabin of a Mark […]

What Do We Have To Do To Put You In A New Monorail Today?

No self-respecting city of the future would be caught dead without a thoroughly modern method of mass transportation. This was the thinking of Walt Disney Productions when they were creating Walt Disney World, and part of Disney’s vision for future cities was the sleek and efficient monorail. We’ve already discussed Community Transportation Services, the […]