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Neverworlds – EPCOT Center’s Lost Scandinavia Pavilion

"How Not To Be Seen: Bathroom Edition"

We’ve spoken at length – some might say disturbing length – about the fabled “Lost Danish Potties” of World Showcase. Essentially, what are now the bathrooms for EPCOT’s Norway pavilion (opened in 1988) were originally constructed as a stand-alone building in 1982. They were intended for a […]

And here I’ve been lickin’ em clean the whole time…

The only real response to this can be, “really?“

I’ve been meaning to post this since my last trip to WDW, when I found this little beauty glued to the wall over the restroom sink in EPCOT’s Morocco pavilion. It’s a shoddy cell phone picture, so if you can’t make it out it says:

Wet […]