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Meet The Mouse

We’ve just talked about things that are well-executed with which I philosophically agree, and in some ways this falls under the same category. I’m uneasy with the idea of character meet-and-greets, yet I realize that they’re here to stay at Walt Disney World and there’s nothing we can do about it. So, if we [...]

The Carsland Conundrum

For Disney fans of a critical bent, it used to be easy knowing where to channel one’s rage. Disneyland falling apart from neglect and mismanagement? Blame Paul Pressler and his gang of idiots. Key elements of Animal Kingdom’s master plan left out on opening day? Blame Eisner, or the “pencil pushers”. California Adventure? Blame everyone [...]

Little Orange Memories

The longer one is a fan of anything, the more likely they are to pine for past glories, and those of us interested in the history of the ever-fluid theme park industry are no different. Wonders big and small have been lost over the years, and the Disney parks are no exception to this [...]

Times Have Changed…

As you can no doubt tell, I’ve been digging through my old issues of Eyes and Ears lately trying to do some research. The perilous part of this is that any given issue from the 1970s can be full of distractions, from interesting historical tidbits that need sharing to things that are simply strange. Or, [...]

Trick Or Treat On Halloween!

"House cleaning, Halloween style… Sitting in the lap of one of our 999 happy haunts is Jayne Polgar, one of our animation artists who finds that every day is Halloween around here! Jayne spends her time keeping up the appearances of dozens of ghouls and goblins in the Haunted Mansion." – Eyes and Ears [...]