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"Just ignore her Morris, and she'll go away!"Alternate Proposed Caption: "Do these change your mind about seeing the dessert tray?"Tertiary Proposed Caption: "Giant Pepper Mills = Classy."

As I just said, it’s extremely difficult to take notes from 1970s issues of Eyes and Ears without finding one or two things per issue that I […]

Lake Buena Vista Chronicles: Selling The Magic, 1972

Despite the fact that the Lake Buena Vista area is a critical element of the early Vacation Kingdom aesthetic, it often seems that Disney itself had a poor handle on what, exactly, the development was and why it existed. Trying to track the history of the Lake Buena Vista village’s intended purpose is a […]

Visiting the Village, Summer 1976

Have you ever watched a potter at work – from the time he mixes the clay til he removes the finished pot from the kiln?

Have you ever sampled a fine wine in the wooden-casked surroundings of a wine cellar?

And when was the last time you tasted a piece of sourdough bread – […]