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Walt Disney’s Ward Kimball’s John Carter of Mars and Beyond!

We’ve spoken about the Disney studio’s recent trip to Mars as well as Bob Clampett’s (non-Disney) attempt to animate the series of Edgar Rice Burroughs stories in 1936. But in 1957 Disney himself took a brief trip to Barsoom via Mars and Beyond, the beloved episode of the Disneyland television series directed by Disney […]

Your Pocket Review Of “John Carter”

The really short review? It’s good. You should see it. No, really. It’s fun. Get a free ticket from Amazon and go.

The slightly expanded review:

Disney’s marketing of this film was terrible. Not bad, not so-so, but terrible. They stripped its original title, John Carter of Mars to the unbelievably generic John Carter […]

If You’re Going To See John Carter…

If you’re heading out to the cinema this weekend for some Barsoomian action, you might want to check out this deal from Amazon. If you buy one of several Disney DVDs, you get a free ticket to the film. The DVDs are inexpensive, too, so you’ll probably break even, and if you don’t have them […]