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Good News For People That Love Old Things!

Fantastic news emerged yesterday for fellow Disney history buffs and Fans of Walt (TM). It turns out that Jeff Kurtti, prolific (to say the least) author, historian, former adviser to the Walt Disney Family Museum, producer of fabulous DVD content back when Disney actually released DVDs worth buying, and general all-around swell guy has […]

Swamp Fox, Swamp Fox, Tail In His Hat…

When veteran actor Leslie Nielsen passed away last weekend, most tributes focused on his later career in a series of spoofs and slapstick comedies. Some mentioned his earlier career as a dramatic actor and leading man, but none that I saw covered his connection to Walt Disney. My first thought upon hearing the news […]

The Ryman Centennial: Herb Ryman And The Myth Of Walt Disney

If you’re reading this site, then Jeff Kurtti will probably need little introduction. Disney fans like myself will most likely have an entire shelf filled with books that Jeff has authored, magazines with articles he has written, and DVDs that he has produced.

Jeff worked with Walt Disney Imagineering from 1987-1995, after which he became […]

D23 – Day Two

So much to say, so little time to say it. Some brief highlights of the day:

The Studios presentation was massive. They led off with a montage that seemed to last 20 minutes and feature every Disney film from after 1984. Who’d have thought that I’d wind up watching a montage of scenes from Down […]

Your Future Disney Bookshelf

I’ve long wanted to start writing book reviews here on Progress City, as recent years have been filled with a slew of great new titles dissecting every aspect of the Disney empire. Hopefully I can make time to do that, but this year looks to be filled with just as many interesting new tomes […]