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EPCOT: Origins – A Model Future, 1978

For those of us in the lowly demographic called “fandom”, true insight is only gained through extreme displays of excess and obsessiveness. This especially holds true when researching older Imagineering projects, and most particularly projects that were somehow altered or never came to be. So little artwork or information escapes from Fortress Disney, that each […]

Energy – A Few Of Its Faces

One of the first attractions to begin construction at EPCOT Center was the Universe of Energy. Exxon had been one of the first sponsors to sign on for Future World, and so the design of the pavilion had been locked fairly quickly. Renderings from 1977 show a concept fairly similar to the building’s final appearance […]

Bill Justice, 1914-2011

Bill Justice in his animation years (Photo via Cartoon Brew)

The sad news arrived today that Disney animator, artist and Imagineer Bill Justice passed away this morning only a day after his 97th birthday. During a remarkable 47-year career at the company, Justice contributed to the animated features of Disney’s golden era as well […]

Progress City Library – Theme Park Design: Behind The Scenes With An Engineer

For my entire living memory I’ve been obsessed with Imagineering. A childhood was spent poring over my hoarded issues of Disney News and the few park-related books that existed, and was aided and abetted by daily viewings of Walt Disney Presents and the fact that the Disney Channel actually showed park-related content. Yet despite […]

Diggin’ In Hong Kong Disneyland

A model of the three Hong Kong Disneyland mini-land expansions from the 2009 D23 Expo

Before the holidays, Hong Kong Disneyland posted a rather triumphant video showing the construction that is currently underway in that park. The massive expansion site sits outside the park’s berm, and will contain three mini-lands: Grizzly Trail, Mystic Point and […]