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Rainbows In The Attic

One of the greatest and most inexplicable mistakes in the annals of Disney management and Imagineering was the truly terrible, late-90s refurbishment of EPCOT’s Journey into Imagination pavilion. This wonderful attraction, full of artistry and atmosphere, was stripped down and repurposed into what became one of Disney’s all-time least popular attractions.

One result of the […]

Follow Figment to the Image Works

The great and mighty Martin Smith has struck again, this time with a new documentary about the Image Works – the creative playground of the future! This electronic wonderland occupied the upper level of Journey Into Imagination’s glass pyramids from its opening in 1982 until the notorious pavilion overhauls of 1998-99. The attraction featured a […]

A Very Active Imagination

There are four things in this picture; they are all cooler than anything in the current Imagination! pavilion

Let’s say we’re taking a trip to EPCOT, and decide to check out the Walt Disney World website for some information. In the Imagination pavilion, we might decide to check out the ImageWorks – the interactive post-show […]