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Lost Horizons

Concept rendering for Horizons post-show. Click to enlarge.

Happy New Year, everyone. For my first substantive post of 2009 I have something really special to share – a piece of never-before-seen concept art for the defunct yet beloved EPCOT Center attraction Horizons. The rendering dates to 1980, when the attraction was still known under its […]

The Future World Was Born Today

After 26 years of visiting Walt Disney World, I’ve seen many attractions come and go. Some were great, some were past their prime, and I miss many of them. I miss Horizons the most.

Horizons opened 25 years ago today, on the 1st of October, 1983. Arriving in EPCOT Center a year after the […]

On A Carousel…

There’s a subject that has been a steady source of discussion on Disney fan forums for at least a decade now – what is going to happen to the Carousel of Progress? This attraction, one of Walt’s own, now exists only at Walt Disney World in Orlando and, at least seemingly, has teetered on the […]