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Close To A Deal On Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Finance Secretary John Tsang, left, and Walt Disney Parks & Resorts chairman Jay Rasulo pal it up for the cameras

Word emerged late last week that officials from the Hong Kong government would be visiting the Disney lot in Burbank on Friday for more negotiations concerning Hong Kong Disneyland’s long-delayed expansion plans. Apparently […]

Fixing A Hole – Three New Lands in Hong Kong?

“Could I interest you in an economy-sized theme park, only slightly used?”

We’ve discussed the ongoing and contentious negotiations surrounding expansion at the under-built and poorly-attended Hong Kong Disneyland, culminating in the standoff last month when Disney fired thirty of the Imagineers working on designing new attractions for the park. Disney claimed that there had […]

Ten Wishes for the New Year: #5

And so we continue…

#5 – Rethink Tomorrowland Welcome to… THE FUTURE!!!

I realize that most of my discussions so far have involved the Walt Disney World resort, as that is my main area of concern. This item, however, applies equally to all the Magic Kingdom parks worldwide and is an issue that should be […]


I’ve got a baaad feeling about this…

Breaking news from the South China Morning Post:

30 jobs go as Disney halts HK expansion

No timetable for growth, park told

Dennis Eng Mar 17, 2009

The Walt Disney Company has halted all creative and design work on the expansion of Hong Kong Disneyland, cutting more than […]

it’s a small world war

I feel that I am perhaps the last individual in the Disney blogosphere to post any sort of public comment about the recent controversy surrounding the rumored changes to Disneyland’s version of it’s a small world. This is due to a number of reasons, but mostly, as a grizzled veteran of Eisner’s last decade […]