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Ducks, Ghosts, and Disneylandia

Here are my latest pieces of ephemera from the D23 website…

First, a look at Donald Duck’s first appearance – years before The Wise Little Hen.

Then, two pieces from the Haunted Mansion – an early script for the show spiel, and a proposed promotion for the ride written by Wally [...]

Trick Or Treat On Halloween!

"House cleaning, Halloween style… Sitting in the lap of one of our 999 happy haunts is Jayne Polgar, one of our animation artists who finds that every day is Halloween around here! Jayne spends her time keeping up the appearances of dozens of ghouls and goblins in the Haunted Mansion." – Eyes and Ears [...]

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the corruptible mortals here at Progress City. Why not look at some links from Halloweens past, or just pay a visit to the greatest haunted house of all? This video tour of the Haunted Mansion, which can be downloaded here, is the greatest fan video of the attraction I’ve seen, and [...]