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EPCOT: Origins – Master Plan 5, 1977

EPCOT Center’s path from concept to execution was, in so many ways, far more tortured than most Disney fans know. Far from a merely difficult transition from Walt’s concept for a futuristic city to a permanent World’s Fair (or, as modern revisionists would have it, a straight shot from Walt’s mind to the park that […]

Here’s A Picture Of Jim MacPhee Drinking Beverly

Then-EPCOT VP Jim MacPhee pours himself some Beverly on October 1st, 2007

The title pretty much says it all.

This picture is why MacPhee, who is now Walt Disney World’s Senior Vice President of Operations and Next Generation Experiences (whatever that means), will always be my favorite WDW exec. It also doesn’t hurt that he […]

Cancel Your Plans For Tonight And Watch This

So, then there’s this. It might not quite be the holy grail, but it’s plenty close enough to make me happy. A series of videos from 1983 have appeared on YouTube depicting a freshly-minted EPCOT Center. And they’re amazing. It’s rare to see video at all from this era, and even more rare to see […]

Celebrate! Celebrate! October 18th, 1982

While any good Disney fan knows that EPCOT Center opened in October of 1982, it’s easy to forget just how busy that first month was. While the opening date of October 1st is well-known, the park itself wasn’t dedicated until the 24th. Throughout the rest of the month, on different days, each individual pavilion and […]

New Horizons For… Those Guys

Today’s flashback comes from 1982, when the first show scene had been completed and approved for EPCOT’s Horizons attraction. The first set to be completed was Scene #14, “Urban Habitat.” You remember the one:

To celebrate the first finalized scene for the attraction, what better for a group of talented Imagineers to do than […]