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Promoting Spaceship Earth, 1982

Making the rounds on Twitter last weekend was this remarkable video, made by the Bell System in 1982 to promote their sponsorship of Spaceship Earth at the newly-opened EPCOT Center. The “Chronicle News Update” contains a chat with AT&T president William Ellinghaus, who presided over the pavilion’s opening ceremony, as well as Disney CEO Card […]

Do You Know This Man?

One of the mandates during the creation of EPCOT Center was to differentiate its offerings from what could be found in Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom. One of the more famous elements of that agenda was the lack of traditional Disney characters in the park; instead of Mickey and friends, EPCOT would showcase new […]

The Renaissance Age

When we old people bemoan the need for ambition, scope, and class in Disney’s current efforts, this is what we mean…

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WEDway + EPCOT + Me

This week the great guys at the always-amusing WEDway Radio podcast celebrate their 100th episode – an amazing milestone in any medium! To celebrate, they decided to host a round-table discussion about a subject obviously near and dear to me – EPCOT Center, and the Future World of old. I was honored to be invited, […]

The Horizons Story, Part III: Disney’s House Of Magic

Filmmakers attend to the massive Sea Castle set for the Horizons "Choose Your Future" finale

The final story in the General Electric promotional booklet for Horizons concerns the wizards of WED that brought the attraction to life. Without further ado…

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