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The Ryman Centennial: Herb And El Grupo

Herb Ryman greets a papagaio who will soon become famous – Rio de Janiero, 1941 (LIFE photo)

When young Herb Ryman, frazzled from the Hollywood grind and frustrated by his lack of worldly knowledge, decided to see the world, he did it right – with a circumglobal cruise that took him to many exotic ports [...]

The Taming Of The Mouse

“Wouldn’t you rather have your child watching cartoons than… than reading Elinor Glyn?” “What Elinor Glyn reads is her mother’s business!”

One thing that many Disney fans have long groused about, and something that I’ve talked about here, is the process by which Mickey Mouse has been transformed over the years from a funny and [...]

Happy Birthday Ollie

Cartoon Brew points out that today is the 95th birthday of animation legend Ollie Johnston. Ollie is the last surviving member of Walt’s closest circle of animators, the Nine Old Men. He joined the Disney Studios in 1935, and went on to animate for most of the major features of the Golden Age and beyond. [...]