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In Print And Available – Four Decades Of Magic

One more notice for those of you who – like me – insist on having physical representations of media instead of digital: Four Decades of Magic is now available in actual, made-of-paper form from Amazon. It is, of course, also available for Kindle.

For more details on its contents, and on my contributions, check [...]

Now In Print… Four Decades of Magic

Word has arrived that Four Decades of Magic, the collection of essays we recently discussed and to which I contributed two essays, is now available. It’s currently available in print and for Kindle; the print version will be available at Amazon in about a week. Other authors in the collection include Foxx from Passport [...]

Soon In Print… Essays!

A month from today, I will return to the world of legitimate printed material for the first time since my days at the Daily Tar Heel when Four Decades of Magic: Celebrating the First Forty Years of Disney World is released. Published by Ayefour, who also released Project Future and Jim Korkis’s The Vault [...]