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Maps! Fort Wilderness, 1978

Oh, this is a good one:

For some time now, I’ve looked for a map that would illustrate the path of the now-legendary Fort Wilderness Railroad with any degree of detail. It’s a route that is poorly known today, having been abandoned long before the days of ubiquitous home videos, Flickr and YouTube. Thanks […]

All New! Hoop Dee Doo!

Brochure for Pioneer Hall, 1974

Since we’ve been hanging out at Fort Wilderness so much lately, it’s only right that I post this flier from 1974. Pioneer Hall had just opened as a dining venue for campground guests; as the flier mentions, it had breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets as well as a snack bar. […]

Retroworlds – The Melvin The Moose Breakfast Show

While character meals are now a huge cash cow for Disney, and getting reservations for lunch with Pooh and Princesses has become something of a bloodsport for harried parents, character breakfasts from days of yore were much fewer and far between. You could have a quiet breakfast with Mickey and company on the Empress […]

Maps! Fort Wilderness, 1988

Fort Wilderness Resort, 1988

I’m sorry that things have been a little mappy lately, but they’re just so darn interesting. I promise I’m working on some meatier stories, though. Time takes time!

In any case, we’re at Fort Wilderness in 1988. You may or may not know of my intense love for Fort Wilderness, but […]

The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today

Seriously, how cool would this be?

Thanks to a tip by the paterfamilias, I was directed yesterday to a website devoted to the Fort Wilderness Railroad. This very cool site had somehow escaped my notice until now, and it has lots of fantastic images and history about this fairly undocumented attraction. The crown jewel of […]