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Future Fantasias, 1940

“Maybe we ought to open up on those things instead of playing down to our medium or our public. That’s the very thing we like to have, a challenge.” – Walt Disney

This single quote speaks volumes to explain the devout admiration and fascination so many hold for the works of Walt Disney. It […]

Buy These Movies…

A trio of must-see Disney related documentaries hit stores tomorrow, and I consider them to all be mandatory purchases for those interested in the company’s history and art. Over the next couple of days I’ll be providing full reviews for each, but I wanted to encourage everyone to check them out immediately (that’s the […]

A Whole New Fantasia World

Sometimes, I think the folks in Disney marketing are asleep at the switch. It happens when I have to accidentally stumble across something incredibly awesome, that they should be screaming from the rooftop. To wit:

“Oh that’s nice, they’re re-releasing Fantasia on Blu-Ray and WAIT WHAT?!”

We know how originally there was a plan to […]