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Polynesian Princess, They Call Me

Some time ago, we wrote about a rather amazing phenomenon from Walt Disney World’s past: the tearoom fashion modeling trend found at Lake Buena Vista in the 1970s. But even before the Lake Buena Vista Village was constructed, these swanky luncheons were taking place at the Polynesian Village Resort.

In August of 1972, The Eyes [...]

The Seas With Tony And Friends

In the frantic rush to open Walt Disney World in October 1971, a variety of “t”s and “i”s were left uncrossed and undotted. These ranged from a nearly empty Tomorrowland to unfinished resort hotels, not to mention a roster of incomplete attractions which were rolled out over subsequent months and years.

This second wave of [...]

I Know Who Murph Is…

I encourage everyone to check out a superb recent story on Passport to Dreams Old & New about the various newspapers printed for Walt Disney World guests during the 1970s. It’s so good I’ll even forgive Foxx for beating me to the punch on the story.

But one of my favorite elements singled out in [...]

Hot Deals! Frozen Meat!

From the Eyes & Ears of Walt Disney World, March 18, 1977:

Frozen Meat Sale!!!

I don’t know exactly why this amuses me as much as it does. Perhaps it’s the boldly declarative title announcing, without apparent excitement, “FROZEN MEAT SALE.” Perhaps it’s the fact that the Gourmet Pantry somehow found themselves with an “abundance” [...]

The Centorium Opens!

Some time ago, I mentioned that I was thinking about setting up an eBay account to help divest myself of some of the items I’ve come across in my research that I don’t need anymore. I hate to combine research and commerce, but I need get rid of some of these things to help [...]