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The Ryman Centennial: A Community Of Tomorrow

In 1965, when Walt Disney moved into active planning for his “city of the future,” he needed artwork to get his vision across. To help sell the project to the Florida legislature and state officials whose permission he needed to create a new type of governmental district to govern his property in central Florida, Walt […]

George McGinnis, Walt Disney, And The Underground Train Of Tomorrow

Odds are that if you’re reading this, you’ve put together a school project at one point or another. Maybe it was your elementary school science fair, or maybe it was your doctoral dissertation in particle physics. Either way, you’ve spent some time working one one of these projects. Maybe you won a blue ribbon for […]

Retroworlds – The Lake Buena Vista STOLport


At its ultimate development, [Walt Disney World] is planned to include … An “airport of the future,” offering service to private and executive aircraft as well as commercial “commuter” service… – Preview Edition, Walt Disney World (1970)

It’s long been known that part of Walt Disney’s plan for his newly-purchased land in Florida was […]

Hitting The Links In Progress City

Rendering of golf cart for Progress City (EPCOT) by George McGinnis

Those of you who saw my birthday tribute to Imagineer George McGinnis will recall that his first job for Disney was to design transportation systems for Walt’s Progress City model. This model, which served as the grand finale for the original Carousel of Progress […]

Are you kidding me?!

A city of the future on a large tract in rural Florida, with the world’s largest solar plant, a smart power grid, green technology, sustainable and mixed-use development, and efficient transportation? A magnet to cutting-edge industry, and a showplace for their new technologies? Disney’s dream of the future? Nope, it’s Babcock Ranch, Florida. Sure it’s […]