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Elseworlds – A Different Look At The Polynesian

Tiki Talk has posted this intriguing artwork, which was found, of all places, at a flea market. Apparently the artist made a living in the 1980s doing renderings for architectural firms; he produced this work for a Houston company that was bidding on the contract for a mid-’80s refurb of the Polynesian Resort at […]

Elseworlds – EPCOT Center’s French Circlevision?

Have you ever looked at a picture that you’ve seen a million times before, only to note something random that you have to have seen before but had never noticed? Check out this picture from 1980 of Imagineer John Hench, and see if you notice anything:

John Hench with an Imagineering model of EPCOT Center’s […]

Elseworlds – Walt Disney World’s Cypress Point Lodge

“Cypress Point, located between Fort Wilderness and the Contemporary Resort Hotel, will offer guests a ‘rustic’ WDW vacation.” (Disney)

To start with, I have a few notes. First, this post was originally going to be another Neverworlds piece, but I went back and forth on that (for reasons that shall become apparent) and instead I’ve […]