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The Russia Mouse

The tiki gods have been debating lately whether to pass along the latest rumors from Jim Hill regarding the possibility that Imagineering was dusting off the long-dormant plans for EPCOT’s Russia pavilion. Initially, the royal we decided to let these rumors pass for now, until such time as other sources became available. Then yesterday, […]

Disney’s Pop Century – The Post-Apocalypse Years

So here’s an interesting piece of business that someone posted on the web – a look at the uncompleted “Legendary Years” section of Walt Disney World’s Pop Century Resort. For those of you fortunate to miss out on this regrettable portion of Disney theme park history, the first phase of Pop Century was originally announced […]

Thanksgiving Special: Neverworlds – Disney’s America

“Every day, a diverse and unlikely society, made up of every culture and race on earth, is working together to build a great nation. We have a single vision – a new order based on the promise of democracy.

Our resources for building this nation are a rich mixture of land, family and beliefs […]

The Cookiecutter Effect

As stated by Tangaroa so eloquently in his previous blog, Disney has gone overboard in promoting their parks as one identity, and we could really give two cents. In fact, it strikes me as uncreative and cheap (although I like the pictures). When Walt Disney World opened, Disney realized that a bulk of their guests […]

A skunk by any other name…

A few weeks ago the folks at Disney HQ announced something that the net nabobs had been expecting for a long time – a name change for the Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park in Orlando. These rumors go way, way back – litigation over the name began even before the park opened and extended well into […]