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Semper Absurda, 1971-1998

Hey now, be fair. Everyone wants Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. – Jason Lee, Mallrats (1995)

Ten years ago yesterday, on a drizzly and humid Orlando morning, Disney fans gathered in Florida’s Magic Kingdom to bid farewell to one of the park’s original and most beloved attractions. Scores of fans and protesters, many with matching […]

Pixar’s Place?

The new gateway to Pixar Place. Photo nabbed from EpcotServo.

These are odd times for Disney theme park fans. After a decade of escalating affronts to the legacy of quality and good taste they had long taken for granted, relief came in the form of new CEO Bob Iger and the John Lasseter-led Pixar braintrust. […]

Off The Rail…

A recent story on MiceAge detailed the problems that continue to plague the rollout of Disneyland’s new Mark VII Monorails. Since the delivery of Monorail Red last December, a series of mechanical and operational issues have repeatedly pushed back the attraction’s opening date far past its original February timeframe.

In fact, it had been […]

Third Theme Park – It’s dot-com!

What if Pooh’s “100-Acre Wood” was in Anaheim? Or Ariel and Sebastian found their new undersea home here? What if Anaheim could be home to not two, but three Disney parks?

- Excerpt from

Yes, what about that, Mr. Eisner?

With all the fooferall surrounding recent rumors of a fifth gate (or 4th […]

Woody’s Roundup 01-22-2008

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so there’s been a pileup of Disney detritus in my links folder. Now that I find myself bereft of anything that I’m bothered to write about, it’s time to share some of the actually interesting things that other writers are blogging about.

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