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Regis And The Daredevil Circus Spectacular, 1987

Michael Eisner didn’t get EPCOT.

He didn’t understand it, he didn’t like it. He wanted to make it more “exciting.”

And so, when he arrived at Walt Disney Productions in 1984, those grand expansion plans for the park were all put away, never to be seen again. Instead, EPCOT would begin to see a series [...]

In Case You Wonder Why I Rag On Eisner…

From a 1989 guidebook I just stumbled upon in my files:

A pettin’ zoo?! Two tickets to Orlando, please!!

What’s really atrocious is that the darned jingle from the Railroad spiel is still stuck in my head, twenty years later. Curse you, Mickey’s Birthdayland!!

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Jaw Hitting Floor In 5.. 4.. 3.. 2..

The S.S. Disney, from bow to stern: the Orbitron, a ferris wheel, the glass-covered multideck hub area, the Casey Jr. Circus Train and glass-canopied carousel, and its a small world (Mark Hickson)

Hey, remember in 1994 when Disney built a traveling theme park inside the hull of a massive supertanker? You don’t? That’s because it’s [...]

Neverworlds Bicentennial Special – Port Disney

This is our 200th post here at Progress City, and I wanted to do something a little special to mark this milestone of my unexpected commitment. Something from the Bicentennial would be appropriate, I thought, but those seem like they were pretty depressing times so I decided to skip it. Instead we’re going to feature [...]

Ten Wishes for the New Year: #4

Remember when I was doing this list thing?

#4 – Detoonification Make. It. Stop.

OK, let’s get one thing crystal clear upfront: I know that this one is never, ever going to happen. I know it, you know it and the American people know it – no matter how much the parks would benefit and [...]