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Ducks, Ghosts, and Disneylandia

Here are my latest pieces of ephemera from the D23 website…

First, a look at Donald Duck’s first appearance – years before The Wise Little Hen.

Then, two pieces from the Haunted Mansion – an early script for the show spiel, and a proposed promotion for the ride written by Wally [...]

Donald Takes A Holiday

Here, for a little diversion, is a special that aired on the syndicated “Wonderful World of Disney” show back in 1986 (although it aired in my market in early January, 1987). It’s Donald Takes A Holiday, a compilation of vacation-themed Donald shorts with a new narration tying them together. There’s no particular historical significance here; [...]

The Only Coaster I Want In World Showcase…

Two snaps and a sarape

I’m not sure when this seriously awesome coaster dates to, but it has to be pretty close to 1982. Not only does it use the original Mexico pavilion logotype, but it uses the fairly rare World Showcase typeface as well.

Also, I love Donald’s jaunty snaps.

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“The Good Duck Artist”

Fantastic news today to kick off the new year, as Fantagraphics co-publisher Gary Groth revealed in an interview that the company has obtained the rights to re-print the legendary works of artist Carl Barks, finally allowing fans stateside to acquire a definitive collection of his Donald Duck stories. The first volume in the series [...]

Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Mouse

The estimable Mickey Mouse turns 82 today; hopefully, his birthday is made more happy because it comes on the cusp of a new wave of recognition thanks to the impending Epic Mickey videogame. It’s hard to believe that the corporate icon of today – the giggling, krumping creature of the “Disney Dance Crew” – was [...]