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Back On The Block

I’m not exactly a “parade” person – though I do like me a bit o’ paradin’ – but as many, many others seem to be I thought it worth mentioning that the “Block Party Bash” parade has premiered at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. The parade, previously of California’s Adventure, recently departed Anaheim’s sunny shores […]

I hate it when I’m right…

Not so long ago I posted the rumor that the theater at Hollywood Studios formerly occupied by SuperStar Television would become home to a new attraction based on the television show American Idol. Oh how I hoped it was just a rumor…

Note the roiling flames of perdition in the backgroundas they approach to consume […]

End of an Era

WDW Magic has posted an image from the Disney-MGM Studios showing that the park’s logo has been removed from the gateway leading to the courtyard in front of the Animation building. This is, of course, in preparation for the park’s January transition to “Disney’s Hollywood Studios”. Despite my antipathy for this park, I can’t help […]

A skunk by any other name…

A few weeks ago the folks at Disney HQ announced something that the net nabobs had been expecting for a long time – a name change for the Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park in Orlando. These rumors go way, way back – litigation over the name began even before the park opened and extended well into […]