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Hooray For Disney World!

1989 was a different age. That seems obvious when you consider just how (shockingly) long ago it was (please don’t think about it), but all those years seem like eons in the Disneysphere. How different was 1989 from today in the realm o’ Disney? Well just consider that in the year 1989 alone, The Disney-MGM […]

It’s. Still. There.

You might recall my recent post recounting the discovery of the strangest thing I’ve ever seen at Walt Disney World – the toilet paper tree in the window of the jewelry store on the New York Street at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You should remember, at least, as it was one of the most widely-read stories […]

Literally The Strangest Thing I’ve Ever Seen At Walt Disney World

I considered many titles for this article.

The typically punny things, naturally – things like “Why We Deride” and things like that. But I think it’s important to underline the fact that this is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen at Walt Disney World. That might be quite the buildup, as I’ve seen a lot […]


Well, we’re back.

After a week in the Vacation Kingdom of the World, and a bit of time away from Progress City (has it really been that long since the last post?), we’re gearing up for the next wave of activity here. I have books to review, DVDs to review, stories to write and […]

Talkin’ Bout Studios

About a week ago, Matt Hochberg at the Studios Central site posted a thoughtful counterpoint to my “top ten” article about fixing the Hollywood Studios park. It’s understandable that our viewpoints differ on the matter of the Studios; obviously I have a number of significant problems with the way the park has developed, while Matt […]