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A Juicy Picture

“Martha, do these shorts sufficiently hide my thunder?”

From the “I just liked this picture” file, here’s the juice stand in Disneyland’s Adventureland in 1980. Look at those wild patterns! Fantastic. Everything looks like Donald getting sucked into the sound waves in The Three Caballeros.

This pleasant little oasis was called, rather amazingly, and I’m [...]

What Does Captain EO Stand For?

There’s a question that I’ve seen pop up often over the years in the search results by which people are redirected to this site. With all the hubbub leading up to yesterday’s return of Captain EO to Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, I’ve seen a new explosion of people asking this question:

What does Captain “EO” stand for?


Avast Mateys!

In the first episode of our podcast, Beacon Joe and I discussed how impressed we were with Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean when we first had a chance to visit Anaheim last September. Even after a lifetime of riding Disney attractions, we still were floored by this 40+ year old ride. The ride experience puts [...]

Beach Bum Bingo


Executive Vice-President, Senior Creative Executive for Walt Disney Imagineering Tom Fitzgerald has been appointed as the senior imagineer for the Disneyland Resort. Disneyland portfolio leader Tony Baxter and Disney’s California Adventure portfolio leader Bob Weis now report to Tom Fitzgerald.

Yep. That.

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D23 Springs Forth

It’s been suspiciously quiet on the D23 front lately, as members waited to see what plans the company’s “official” fan club held for 2010. With all the shakeup at Disney lately, it seems like several divisions are still catching up – try, for instance, to determine what Disney’s DVD release schedule is this year!