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Tickets, Please…

With the arrival of EPCOT Center in 1982, Disney was forced to take a look at its pricing structure. The old ticket-book strategy wouldn’t work for this new park, with its megalithic corporate-sponsored pavilions. With every corporation paying handsomely for a seat at the EPCOT table, how could Disney tell one sponsor that their […]

Stark Raving Rumors

So, there’s this rumor that seems to be spreading everywhere…

People keep suggesting that Imagineering has a plan to – at last – replace the unfortunate Innoventions exhibit at Disneyland with some sort of attraction modeled on the Stark Expo from last year’s Marvel release Iron Man 2.

Yeah, that’s totally not a thing.

For […]

Serendipity – Disney Dining, 1984

It’s hard for “the kids today” to understand what it was like to be a Disney fan in the days before the internet. For those of us outside the Disneyana hotbed of southern California, pretty much all we knew about the parks came from what Disney deigned to tell us in its official publications. […]

Meet Me Down On Main Street

The L.A. Times has posted an interesting photo essay comparing the main thoroughfares of Disneyland and Walt Disney’s hometown of Marceline, Missouri.

Marceline has changed a lot since the Disney family moved away a full century ago; as the article points out, the train doesn’t stop there anymore unless you make a special request. […]

Lost Disneylandia

One of the highlights of the recent Destination D event was a great presentation by Imagineer Dave Fisher about the creation of Disneyland, with a focus on attractions that were planned but never built. This is always a rich topic for discussion, as could be seen in Fisher’s presentation; while some of these lost attractions […]