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Oh, Eisner – 1987 Edition

Previously, on As the Eisner Turns…

Ambitious young Michael Eisner and his boon companion Frank Wells took over control of Walt Disney Productions, which was struggling to make its way in the modern film industry. Disney began to cash in on underexploited assets, and the eyes of management shifted from theme parks to film and [...]

Maps! The Disney-MGM Studios, 1989

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Let’s return to the days of yesteryear, when the Disney-MGM Studios had just opened in Florida. Looking back, one thing really stands out – look how small it was! The area labeled “Theme Park” really only consists of three buildings – the Indiana Jones stunt show, the Backlot Express burger joint, and the [...]

Oh, Eisner – 1985 Edition

When last we met, a fresh-faced and ambitious young Michael Eisner and his laconic sidekick Frank Wells had rocketed to stardom, taking control of Walt Disney Productions after the ouster of its previous management. 1985 would mark the duo’s first full year in control of the company – how would it go? Would the [...]

We’ve Got Magic To Do…

What to say…

Twenty years. Yeesh.

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Ten Wishes for the New Year: #6

The next item in our list of what I’d like to see taken care of this year in the Disney parks:

#6 – Disney’s Hollywood Studios… Oh, boy… What once was, can be again…

Just for fun, let’s torture an analogy. Let’s say that somewhere, just off-campus near Progress City University, there’s an infamous sorority [...]