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A First Look At EPCOT’s Culinary Renaissance

EPCOT Center was well-received upon its debut in 1982, but in the endless amount of press coverage at the time a number of issues frequently bubbled to the surface. Amid all the grumbling about long lines and technical breakdowns, or of a lack of attractions in World Showcase, a glaring and oft-repeated complaint was the […]

A Ray Of Sunshine

Too often in the modern era the role of a Disney observer is to chronicle the slow loss of special things, as the parks’ offerings are pared down in service of cutbacks and streamlining. It’s a slow, depressing process that columnist Kevin Yee has termed “declining by degrees”.

Every now and then, though, we win […]

Foods From Distant Lands!!

1978 was a different time. Barely emerged from the Age of Aspic, America slowly began to look for more engaging foodstuffs. No longer content to chase down their flank steak and poached asparagus with a couple of old fashioneds and a kind word to the waitress, Americans wanted something more – they wanted dessert.

Thankfully, […]