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Happy Christmas, Everyone

From your pals at Progress City. Thanks for reading, as always – this wouldn’t be nearly as fun without you fine folks. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever floats your boat.

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Woody’s Roundup 08-02-2008

It’s been a while, eh?

First, a note on the Tron 2 buzz that’s circulated since our last story. Jim Hill posted a somewhat breathless tale this week about the film’s production and how original TRON director Steven Lisberger had been taken off the project by John Lasseter, scrapping the years of development work that […]

Woody’s Roundup 04-01-2008

Yes folks, I’m back. I apologize to the small but valued handful of “regulars” here for taking a powder without notice, but c’est la vie. A too-short holiday in the mountains, a backlog of “real” work, some downtime as my web host moved its servers, March Madness (go Heels!) and the general azalea-blooming weather lately […]