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D23 Exposition (Rant Edition)

My recent “brief” blogging absence began, roughly, around the time of this year’s D23 Expo in August. Even before that point, though, I had quite a few things I wanted to discuss about D23 in general and this year’s events in particular. Writing about the “official Disney fan club” is rather complicated for me, as […]

Destination D: Walt Disney World 40th

A good sign…

D23 has announced schedule and ticketing information for its upcoming Destination D: Walt Disney World event in May. Tickets will go on sale online at 1 PM EST on February 24th; the somewhat startling price for the two-day event is $175, or $215 for a ticket and registration of one Great […]

D23 In 2011

Now that the new year has arrived, we can start looking forward to a new slate of events and activities from D23. We already knew that 2011 would mark the return of the D23 Expo after last year’s absence, and that a Destination D event would be held in Orlando this spring for those of […]

The Perfect Storm Of My Obsessions

There are some things in this world that I love more than others, and many of those involve Disney, classic film, and Turner Classic Movies. So you might imagine my reaction to this bit of news:

TCM Classic Film Festival to Spotlight Disney’s Musical Legacy Multi-Faceted Celebration Presented in Collaboration with D23, The Official Disney […]

Armchair Archivists

As promised, D23 has debuted their new online video feature “Armchair Archivists.” This new series will give us a regular look at the rarely-seen treasures of the Disney Archives, and hopefully some audio and video goodies as well.

Judging from this premiere episode, the new series will be of far greater value than the current […]