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Broadway… At The Top!

Long, long ago…

Before the California Grill occupied the top floor of the Contemporary Resort Hotel at Walt Disney World, the site was home to the swanky, adults-only domain of the Top of the World Restaurant. It was an era of carpet with garishly-colored polygons, large glass lighting fixtures, and lots and lots of mirrors.


A Model Kingdom, 1968

One hallmark of Walt Disney World since its very earliest inception is the ambitious master plan; the sweeping, grand vision which is slowly whittled away and watered down once the practicalities of construction and the vagaries of history take their toll. While the construction of the resort in the late 1960s involved a massive amount […]

The Future Lies In The Past

Today’s story on Progress City is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction. This, as you may recognize, is the Contemporary Resort Hotel – or is it? And if so, from when? And why?

"My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings: Look on my hotel, ye mighty, and despair!"

For many […]

A Krafty Birthday

It’s October, which means that it’s Walt Disney World’s birthday month. This year, of course, the resort turned thirty-nine, an anniversary mostly overlooked as Disney musters its resources to prepare to overlook the fortieth anniversary next year (“I gave her Indiana Jones Adventure, she gave me a pen.”) But maybe we can fit in a […]

The First Christmas… At Walt Disney World

“Tin Soldiers Will Join Mickey Mouse and Pluto In Daily Magic Kingdom Holiday Parades”

These days, Walt Disney World pretty much has Christmas down to a science (although things seem to have gone off the wheels a bit this year, but I digress). These pictures, taken from the Walt Disney World News in December of […]