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Are You Gonna Go WEDway?

We’ve spoken before about Community Transportation Services, the division of Walt Disney Productions founded in 1974 to develop and market the monorail and WEDway PeopleMover to outside businesses and municipalities. By 1982, CTS had been rechristened WED Transportation Systems and had just completed the first and only installation of a WEDway system outside of […]

What Do We Have To Do To Put You In A New Monorail Today?

No self-respecting city of the future would be caught dead without a thoroughly modern method of mass transportation. This was the thinking of Walt Disney Productions when they were creating Walt Disney World, and part of Disney’s vision for future cities was the sleek and efficient monorail. We’ve already discussed Community Transportation Services, the […]

“The People Moving People”

The first few decades of Walt Disney Imagineering were marked by a series of escalating technical innovations that built on previous achievements while preparing Walt Disney Productions for subsequent phases of development. Under Walt’s guidance the profits and knowledge gained from each new project were funneled into the next, with every step pushing the […]