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Pixar’s Place?

The new gateway to Pixar Place. Photo nabbed from EpcotServo.

These are odd times for Disney theme park fans. After a decade of escalating affronts to the legacy of quality and good taste they had long taken for granted, relief came in the form of new CEO Bob Iger and the John Lasseter-led Pixar braintrust. […]

Woody’s Roundup 04-01-2008

Yes folks, I’m back. I apologize to the small but valued handful of “regulars” here for taking a powder without notice, but c’est la vie. A too-short holiday in the mountains, a backlog of “real” work, some downtime as my web host moved its servers, March Madness (go Heels!) and the general azalea-blooming weather lately […]

Coming Attractions, DCA Style

I’m working on a few things, but in the meantime I wanted to share this nifty video I’ve just seen. It does a nice job of summarizing the highlights of the upcoming billion-dollar DCA makeover.

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Third Theme Park – It’s dot-com!

What if Pooh’s “100-Acre Wood” was in Anaheim? Or Ariel and Sebastian found their new undersea home here? What if Anaheim could be home to not two, but three Disney parks?

- Excerpt from

Yes, what about that, Mr. Eisner?

With all the fooferall surrounding recent rumors of a fifth gate (or 4th […]

It Was Seventy Years Ago Today…

It was seventy years ago today, on November 21st, 1937, that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered at Hollywood’s Carthay Circle Theatre. Many of Hollywood’s royalty were in attendance that evening, but mixed among them were the anonymous and unknown animators who had struggled to create the film. As they watched the audience […]