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Dateline! Disney’s California Adventure!

“California Adventure! Stately home of Paul Pressler’s career! Price? No one should say!”

This was making the rounds on Twitter the other day, but it’s too good not to share here. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time; in fact, I’m insanely jealous I didn’t make it myself. When I first […]

Color!! Color!!

Looks like they’re running tests on the newly-installed equipment for the upcoming Wonderful World of Color show at California Adventure…

Ooh, pretty…

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Woody’s Roundup 10-19-2008

More links and tidbits for your weekend perusal:

Ryan at the Main Street Gazette bids farewell to Pocahontas and her Forest Friends, which ended its ten-year run at Animal Kingdom last month. The show, tucked away into a small theater on the park’s periphery, was never a blockbuster attraction, but it had a decidedly […]

Cellar Dwellers

Across the continent in Anaheim, Disneyland fans are preparing for the opening of the Blue Sky Cellar. This new preview center, an homage to the lapsed Disney tradition of similar in-park exhibits, will showcase art from the impending billion-dollar renovations to California Adventure. The Cellar, located in California Adventure’s former Golden Vine Winery, opens […]

If you invest your tuppence wisely in the bank…

Ladies and gentlemen, your new chair of the Federal Reserve

So, the economy.

With the Dow plunging straight into the Briar Patch and investment banks worldwide failing like the Disney Institute, one might wonder what the economic crunch might mean for Disney’s plans for upgrading their theme parks. In the last few days, we’ve started […]