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As you’ve no doubt seen by now, the reports were true and, last Monday, Walt Disney Pictures signed a deal with Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks studio to distribute at least thirty films over the next five years. The first six films are slated to be released in 2010, and will be distributed through Disney’s Touchstone […]

Your Friday Night What The What?!?!

OK, so I realize I had to work all day unlike you jive turkeys, so I just found out about this…

This morning Nikki Finke broke the story (heck of a scoop, by the way), which has since been confirmed, that if things continue according to plan Disney will announce on Monday that it […]

Woody’s Roundup 01-27-2008

While I continue to futz around working on some story ideas, the tubed interwebs thankfully continue to produce stories of interest and worthy of linkage. Here are a few for your late-weekend perusal.

First, I’m glad to report that EPCOT Central seems to be up and blogging again. These folks are die-hard EPCOT traditionalists like […]

A Goodly Day…

Today in 2000 Bob Iger was promoted to President of the Walt Disney Company. At the time, I yawned and declared him to be quite the yes man Eisner underling, but he’s given me a nice meal of crow to eat. Thank God it wasn’t Paul Pressler.

Yes Iger’s done great […]

A Little Off The Curve


Could this really have been “cool” in 1962? I suppose the Beatles had not landed yet and American culture was still a little Pat Booneish. Still, I believe that Disney used to be better at forcing their “hip” agenda instead of falling in line with pale imitations of the […]