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Nothing up my sleeve…

While Disney Feature Animation has been eager to trumpet its new shorts program by occasionally giving us peeks at its upcoming slate, Pixar has been less forthcoming about the projects in its pipeline. With the release of WALL-E growing ever closer, Jerry Beck has given us a glimpse at what will accompany that film […]

Looking for Lorenzo

I’ve been trying to find a copy of the 2004 animated short Lorenzo for quite a while. The film appeared in of theaters in front of the film Raising Helen which, oddly enough, I didn’t manage to catch. Anyway, from the look of the Google searches people use to find my page, a lot […]

A Goofy Post.


Just a brief post to remind everyone that Walt Disney Pictures releases National Treasure: Book of Secrets today on 3,832 screens nationwide (the film is currently lighting up Rotten Tomatoes with a 35% freshness rating). The upside of all this is that before each screening will be shown the first fruits of Disney’s brand […]

Salute their shorts

Recently, Disney announced that their new Goofy-starring short How To Hook Up Your Home Theater would be released to theaters on December 21st in front of the new film National Treasure: Book of Secrets. This was a surprise to fans, as most everyone had assumed it would be released a month earlier attached to […]

A Pair of Shorts

On this day in 1953, Walt Disney Productions released a pair of animated shorts that remain well-known to this day. Ben and Me told the odd story of a mouse who lived with and inspired Ben Franklin. Based on a book by Robert Lawson and adapted for the screen by the great story artist Bill […]