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Donald Takes A Holiday

Here, for a little diversion, is a special that aired on the syndicated “Wonderful World of Disney” show back in 1986 (although it aired in my market in early January, 1987). It’s Donald Takes A Holiday, a compilation of vacation-themed Donald shorts with a new narration tying them together. There’s no particular historical significance here; [...]

Animation Updates…

So what’s up at Disney and Pixar, and what are Ron and John working on?

It’s been a while since I’ve done any significant animation coverage because, truthfully, I was tired of chasing rumors. After all, how could I figure out what Disney’s Feature Animation department was up to if they didn’t know themselves? And, [...]

Like The Tick, Tick, Tock Of The Stately Clock

Good news, everyone! The truly excellent new Pixar short Day & Night has just been released on iTunes. If you haven’t seen Toy Story 3 yet, or even if you have, it’s well worth checking out. In fact, at the moment I think it might be my favorite Pixar short ever – I enjoyed [...]

George & A.J.

To celebrate the DVD release of UP, Pixar recently released a short animatic film on their Facebook page. The short, George & A.J., was written and directed by Josh Cooley; despite its story-sketch approach it’s quite hilarious. In fact, it winds up being a funnier short than the more polished Dug’s Special Mission from the [...]


What’s all this then?

Nice logo, by the way.

Looky – new art:

The site features new unseen development art from The Princess and the Frog…

…and the upcoming short Glago’s Guest

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