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Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

Last December, we pointed out that on the announcement of the 2010 slate from Walt Disney Pictures, the upcoming animated feature Rapunzel was listed as a “working title.” This squared with a couple of comments I had seen on animation-related blogs; most noticeably, the comments section of the Animation Guild’s blog featured speculation that [...]

Purchasing Princess

Disney dropped the deets today on the upcoming home video release of their recent animated feature The Princess and the Frog. The film hits store shelves on March 16th, 2010; of course, its also possibly still playing at a theater near you so if you haven’t yet – see it.

The release, unsurprisingly, follows [...]

Off The Shelf – The Velveteen Rabbit

Concept art for The Velveteen Rabbit by Fred Warter

The last decade, filled as it was with corporate turmoil at the Walt Disney Company, has proved a veritable elephant’s graveyard of abandoned ideas and projects at Walt Disney Animation. First there were the long-in-gestation projects that were scuttled with the purge of traditional animation [...]

Whither King Of The Elves?

It hasn’t been long since word emerged that one of the directors had been removed from King of the Elves, the computer animated film from Walt Disney Animation Studios that had been publicly announced for release in 2012. Since then, I’ve received lots of visitors to the site from Google searches about the film being [...]

Let It Snow… Queen

Storyboard from Disney’s previous attempt to animate The Snow Queen

With the wonderful white Christmas that’s made so many of our lives unexpectedly interesting over this pre-holiday weekend, I thought it might be apropos to take another look at The Snow Queen. We’ve talked a little about the history of this project, which is now [...]