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Finding The Groove

Not so very long ago, the Disney company made lots of animated films – some of which were drawn by hand by real people. They made big pictures; after the success of The Lion King, the goal of Disney Feature Animation was to make sweeping epics – always hoping for another shot at Oscar [...]

Tangled!! Photos! Here! Rapunzel! Flynn Rider! Maximus! Pascal!

Typically, when a new animated film is released, I post some artwork in case anyone’s out looking for that sort of thing. I didn’t get around to it when Tangled hit theaters, but since it’s back in the spotlight with its recent DVD release, I thought I’d post some pretty pictures for you to [...]

Future Fantasias, 1940

“Maybe we ought to open up on those things instead of playing down to our medium or our public. That’s the very thing we like to have, a challenge.” – Walt Disney

This single quote speaks volumes to explain the devout admiration and fascination so many hold for the works of Walt Disney. It [...]


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Tangled Up In Green

Now that Tangled (or Rapunzel, for the non hip-and-edgy among us) has hit theaters to great critical and financial success, hopefully everyone has taken a moment to congratulate the folks at Walt Disney Animation Studios, directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, and most definitely and especially Glen Keane, who has spent most of the [...]