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Tomorrow’s Windows – Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

We’ve mentioned already several of the rumors regarding the next few years as Disney ramps up for the Magic Kingdom’s 40th anniversary in 2011. If planning continues along current lines, and management steps up with sufficient funding, the park will finally receive a series of refurbishments that will begin to restore it […]

I hate it when I’m right…

Not so long ago I posted the rumor that the theater at Hollywood Studios formerly occupied by SuperStar Television would become home to a new attraction based on the television show American Idol. Oh how I hoped it was just a rumor…

Note the roiling flames of perdition in the backgroundas they approach to consume […]

Blue Sky Rumors from the Florida Project

From around the web come rumors and portents of upcoming attractions for Walt Disney World in Florida. We remind you that these are only rumors; nothing is certain until opening day. Think about that the next time you’re visiting the Equatorial Africa pavilion at EPCOT…

Magic Kingdom

The big rumor lately is the rumbling about […]