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Let It Snow… Queen

Storyboard from Disney’s previous attempt to animate The Snow Queen

With the wonderful white Christmas that’s made so many of our lives unexpectedly interesting over this pre-holiday weekend, I thought it might be apropos to take another look at The Snow Queen. We’ve talked a little about the history of this project, which is now […]

Remy et Oscar

This morning, the AMPAS announced this year’s Academy Award nominees. Ratatouille walked away with five nominations, including Best Animated Feature. Its competition in this category will be Sony’s Surf’s Up and Persepolis, the latter of which is considered to be Ratatouille‘s strongest competitor. Many (including myself) have argued that Pixar’s film was worthy of inclusion […]

Born On The Bayou

Disney has released its 2007 annual report and, while it may be the dullest and least informative annual report ever (how bare must your calendar be if you have to slap High School Musical on the cover? You couldn’t even give us some DCA renderings?), it at least has a nice new image from […]

It’s the song, stupid!

Recently, Bob Iger and Co. unveiled plans for an extensive overhaul of Disney’s California Adventure. Nestled among the plans including blockbuster attractions in Carsland and a complete redo of the opening plaza was a long-shelved attraction based on The Little Mermaid. Disney followers will know that this was originally planned for EuroDisney, and can even […]