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Queue Up For Virtual Horizons

By far the coolest Disney-related fan project of recent vintage is Horizons: Resurrected, an exciting attempt to recreate the classic, beloved EPCOT attraction with interactive CGI.

This isn’t the first attempt to re-live Horizons virtually; an attempt was made several years ago to create a computer model of the pavilion, but despite some very exciting […]

That Mighty Microscope…

Ryman sketch for Adventures Thru Inner Space

In my most recent piece about Imagineer Herb Ryman, I mentioned how Ryman initially designed the “Mighty Microscope” of Monsanto’s Adventures Thru Inner Space to resemble an antique microscope that had belonged to his father. Ryman’s father, also named Herbert, had served as a local doctor before dying […]

The Giant Upsetting Eye Pavilion

Nothing like a giant, upsetting eye to impress the kiddies!

This is what happens when you encourage me. Since my last question was so quickly and satisfactorily answered, I have another poser for you fine people. The above picture comes from a small article describing an open house at WED/MAPO in early 1982. The other […]